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On the Issues

Barbara Bynum is running to deliver results on issues affecting Western Coloradans. 

Protection and Prosperity

Corn FieldOur natural resources, public lands, and thriving economy make Western Colorado unique. By working together we can build a prosperous economy, protect and conserve our natural spaces, and expand reliable transportation infrastructure to support our growing population.


As more people choose to make western Colorado their home, affordable housing is more important than ever. As a mayor and councilmember, Barbara knows first-hand the work our communities are doing to address housing. She has been a leader in housing surveys and stakeholder engagement. She has engaged in meaningful zoning and code updates to create more opportunities for housing. But she also believes local communities and their elected leaders are in the best position to address the unique needs of their communities. She is not in support of sweeping state-wide mandates because the housing crisis cannot be solved by a one-size-fits-all approach from Denver. She believes the state's role is to provide cities, towns, and counties with the tools and technical assistance to create local solutions. She appreciates the financial support and funding from the state when communities meet housing goals and objectives.

Public Education

Barbara is a strong supporter of our public education system and believes the state is an important partner with our locally elected school boards. She as vice president of Montrose County School District during our state’s economic crisis in 2009-2011 and has first-hand experience with the complicated issues of school finance and the impact state-level decisions have on our local kids. Both her children attended public schools in Western Colorado and she volunteered in the classrooms, on the Education Foundation board, and as president of the Academic Booster Club.

Women's Healthcare

Barbara believes women in Colorado should have access to all forms of reproductive healthcare, including access to abortion and contraception. Every woman has a right to make decisions regarding her body without the interference of politicians or lawmakers.

Public Lands and Natural Resources

Colorado's public lands and the outdoor recreation economy fishing picturethey support is what makes our state special. Barbara is committed to protecting Colorado's natural spaces for generations of people and wildlife to come. As a former State Land Board Commissioner she is experienced with the delicate balance of providing access for recreation with the needs of agriculture, ranching, and farming.

Childcare and Families

Providing quality childcare is a good investment for our communities, businesses, and jobs. It allows parents to work the full-time jobs that are so important to our community while knowing their children are in safe, healthy learning environments. We need to support, maintain, and increase capacity so families that require early childhood care and education have access. We need to do more to recruit, train, and retain early childhood care and education professionals. 

While on city council, Barbara advocated for a comprehensive county-wide childcare survey so future funding and policy decisions could be made with solid data and information. She voted for funding to expand and develop early childhood education centers. And she supports employers, government and non-profits working together to create additional tools and resources that improve the affordability and access to quality care.

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